How to Use Phone Tracker on a Child's Phone

As technology develops, the modes of communication advance. All have a cellphone that allows them to access the internet at any time. The internet allows you to communicate with people from all around the world.

The internet is huge, and billions of people around the world, regardless of gender or age, benefit from its use. There are numerous reasons to use the internet, whether for business, study, or research.

The internet is a necessity in today's life. Many institutions and colleges do online lectures and maintain an online group where all important notifications are sent. That is why, even for children, having a smartphone is essential. But keep in mind that how a kid and an adult use a smartphone is totally different.

The wise use of cell phones and the internet can result in a slew of positive improvements. Teenagers are relishing their time of discovery, so they use the internet to meet new people, discuss their lives, have fun dating, and pass the time. However, if used in the wrong way, your child may end up getting on the dark side. Social media regular updates give stalkers all the information about your child.

You should keep a watch on your children's cell phone use to safeguard them from such situations. A solution to such a problem is tracking your child's phone.

What is a Phone Tracker?

The technique of locating a mobile phone, whether moving or not moving, is known as mobile phone tracking. You can use this modern technology to keep track of your child for their safety and well-being.

Why Is It Necessary to Track Your Child's Phone?

Every parent adores their children and is anxious for their well-being. You're always concerned about your child, whether they're at home or out. Similarly, we should be concerned about our children's use of cell phones as well. There are numerous reasons for parents to monitor their children's cell phones.


Phone trackers are best for location tracking. When your child does not get home on time, you become concerned about his or her safety. What if your child goes missing and you need to find him/her?

Mobile phone trackers are the best alternative in such a situation. If you know where your child's phone is, you can quickly locate it and save them from harm.

Cyber Bullying

One-third of teenagers are victims of cyberbullying, as per multiple studies. When children hide such things from their parents, they may become depressed, and if not addressed, the situation may worsen. The majority of children are afraid of being punished if they speak out to their parents about it.

However, if you screen your child's phone, you'll be able to see what they're up to on social media. You'll be able to keep kids safe from cyberbullying in this manner.

Adult content

When surfing the internet, the likelihood of coming across adult content is extremely high. This stuff not only exposes young minds to malfeasance at inopportune times, but it also addicts them. Children begin sexting with one another because of its influence.

You can regulate what they can access on their phones if you track their phones. You can also keep an eye on their chats and phone conversations.

Health Concerns

Children might become addicted to their phones at a young age. Because their parents are preoccupied with their jobs, youngsters are given mobile phones instead of toys. And this is where the addiction begins.

If you track your child's phone, you can observe how they use their cellphones and set limits for them.


Children have a habit of sharing every moment of their life on social media. Sometimes they may get stalkers who would want to take advantage of them. Many incidents of teenagers being raped and murdered by mysterious stalkers have been reported in recent years.

When you follow your child's phone, check to see if they're not sharing too much information on social media. If they are doing so, advise them softly and make them understand how people can take advantage of it.

How to Use Phone Tracker on Child's Phone?

Today's kids are particularly concerned with their personal space. So, if you're going to track their phone, make sure the app is properly hidden.

The location of a mobile device can be tracked using a phone tracker app. Any tracking app can be used to track your child's phone. A couple of them are listed below.

Google Maps

Google maps are your best option if you want a free phone tracker to track where your children are going. Google Maps has a built-in tool that most people aren't aware of. It allows users to broadcast their location to anyone for an hour or forever. So no need to install any application or pay any charges because it all functions within the Google Maps app.


  • Open Google Maps on your child's phone.
  • Go to the menu option and select share location.
  • There on the top right corner of the screen, you can select people who can see your location, click on that and add your mobile. Then tap share.

In this way, you can easily track your child's location. However, this one is not as committed as the other applications on this list, it's not something you'd want to rely on, and a tech-savvy child might quickly remove permission to share their whereabouts.

Apple Find My

Apple has its own location tracking alternative to Google Maps. But it is exclusive to iPhones and other Apple devices, so it's only a viable choice if both parents and children possess iPhones. Find My Friends has been renamed to Find My, which now adds Find My iPhone.

It can also assist you in finding your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or AirPods, in addition to your children's location. By making a loud noise, you'll be able to locate them if they fall down the back of a chair.


You can secretly track any modern phone or tablet with software like Spyine. This hidden tracker is reliable, having been featured on popular websites such as Tom's Guide, Mac World, and Android Authority.

Without the user's knowledge, Spyine can secretly track Android and iOS devices. You don't need to download any apps on the target device if you're tracking an iPhone or an iPad. Rather than operating directly with the device, Spyine pulls the device's iCloud backup. It cannot be detected because it operates remotely and without the use of any software.

If you want to track an Android phone or tablet, you'll need to download a small (2MB) app. You can hide it afterward. The app then works discreetly in the background, consuming no battery life. Your child cannot locate it because it is small, inconspicuous, and lacks an app icon.


Life360 is a well-known tracking app. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. A free tier will notify you not your child's location but also of everyone else in your family. People in Life360 can be organized into Circles, that basic group. At any given time, the map shows where everyone is.

A group of up to ten people is suggested. For the tracking to operate, each of them must have the app downloaded to their phone. You can choose from several different circles. You can designate certain locales as favorite destinations in addition to your current location.

Other features include quick maps to your child's location. A battery monitor to show how much power each phone has remaining. A discreet Help sign that warns everyone in the circle that someone is in danger.

Find My Kids

This app will trace your child's position and give feedback to the app on your phone. The app works with Android and iPhone, as well as a number of GPS child-tracking watches. You can specify certain locations, such as school, and receive notifications when they reach. It also keeps track of their itinerary, letting you see if they take any unwelcome turns along the route.

For Android phones, Find My Kids has a unique function where you can switch on the mic virtually and listen to what's happening near your child. Although this may appear weird, it is a useful tool if you are concerned that they have become involved with the wrong group or are being bullied.

In the worst-case situation, there's also an alarm button that allows the child to transmit a distress signal right away. This signal not only alerts you to the fact that they are at risk, but also displays their exact location and captures the sounds they are hearing.


SecureTeen is a free phone tracker app that includes several tracking features, including the ability to track chats, phone records, filter apps, and URLs. It also helps you to keep track of what your children are doing on social media.


  • On Android mobile devices, install the app on both phones with the same login details.
  • Users of iPhones can simply connect through iTunes.
  • You can begin monitoring and observing the target device once you've logged in.

You can keep track of them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Phone Tracker

Parents can view their children's whereabouts on a detailed map anywhere at any time with the Phone Tracker free app

The geofencing capabilities of this app are a standout feature. You can create safe zones and receive updates anytime your child enters or departs them using the geofencing tool. You can keep track of how many times the secure zone is entered using eyeZy. You can also create several safe zones as you'd like.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a free phone tracker that allows parents to control their child's Android phone from their Android or iPhone device. Parents can set limits on how much time their children spend on the phone and make sure the phone is turned off before bedtime. With a single tap, they can disable their child's phone access.

Google Family Link, on the other hand, is restricted to kids below the age of thirteen. Once your child reaches this age, they can create their own Google account and drop out of tracking. While parents can entirely restrict the usage of specific apps, Google Family Link does not enable them to impose time limitations for those apps.


For parents with children aged 13 and over who have an Android phone, an annual membership to Qustodio is the ideal method to keep track of and regulate usage. Parents can use Qustodio's app to create a regular average screen time frame for their child and restrict access to the device with a simple tap, similar to Google Family Link.

Qustodio also lets parents impose time limitations for particular apps. You can set a timer for the phone to be off bounds for many periods of time. Observe their child's Web searches and read text messages.

To summarize, you can use a specific location monitoring system to follow your child's phone position without their knowing. You can choose any of the above-given phone tracker apps and keep your child safe.


Despite the fact that technology allows you to track your child's phone, not all apps are useful. The phone tracker app that you trust for your child's safety should be authentic and well tested. Monitoring your child is a wonderful method to show your love for them and gain a deeper understanding of their actions and decisions.

If you find anything wrong when you track your child's phone, sit with them and talk it out. Stay optimistic about their ideas, questions, and worries, and start a conversation up, pose questions, and simply talk until someone hears.