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A Perfect App For Keeping Track of Your Loved Ones

Most people don’t leave their homes without their smartphones that they can use for accessing a wide range of resources on the Internet. Although the Internet has made our lives easier in some ways, it’s pretty safe to say that it has made it more challenging as well, especially when you think that children also use it. After all, it is filled with various dangers, as well as content that might not be appropriate for children to see.

This can include things such as adult content, cyber-attacks, cyberbullying, hackers, and of course, viruses and malware. This is one of the main reasons why you must talk with your children about the threats that could come with using the Internet. And, this is exactly where the SpyPhone tracker comes into play. It was originally placed in the Google Play Store nine years ago, back in 2012. Since then, we’ve had millions of people downloading our app under the SpyPhone phone tracker and free phone tracker app names.

However, if you haven’t used this app before, you might be confused as to what it can be utilized for. So, what is this particular app? Can it be used as a mobile tracker? What features does it offer and is it free or do people have to pay in order to use it? Luckily for all parents that are wondering the same thing, our article below will shed some light on the entire topic. Hence, here is what you need to know about our Phone tracker app:

Phone Tracker App: Explained

The very first thing that you should know about this visible spy app is that it has been designed in order to prevent any potential damage or dangerous situations that your beloved young ones could come across, no matter what type of activity they might choose to engage in. If the inappropriate activity they practice is connected to their smartphones, you’ll be aware of it simply by utilizing the Spy Phone mobile tracker.

You should know, you could also use our application for monitoring any member of your family, however, this will only be possible if your goal justifies your means. After all, individuals do get themselves in dangerous online situations without even realizing what they’re doing, and without realizing what could happen before it is too late. Hence, in most situations, they might need additional support, especially since this will help with keeping them safe.

Once you register and download the app, you’ll see that there is a wide range of information available in your control panel. Now, you could opt for accessing the control panel by using your mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad, which suggests that you could access it from any place, 24/7/365. Of course, the number of times you check on your kids or other family members will depend on your preferences, meaning that you could check on them daily or you could monitor them when you find it appropriate.

If you opt for the Android version of the phone tracker, it’ll allow you to gain the “View Contacts” feature, which will quickly make a copy of your kid’s contact list when you install the program. By checking their contact list, you could see who your kids’ friends are. Naturally, you won’t be capable of using the app to learn more information about their contacts, however, it’ll still give you an idea of what type of relationship your kid nurtures when you’re not around them.

Our free phone tracker also allows Reverse Phone lookup. What does this mean? Well, it means that if, for example, someone calls your kid and the number isn’t memorized, you could input the phone number, wait a few moments, and check to see who the owner of the number is. By doing this, you’ll be capable of seeing the address of the owner, whether it is a mobile or landline, and you could also see their carrier.

You should keep in mind, this particular information is only available on some United States numbers, thus, if you were planning on using the app abroad, this feature won’t work. Nonetheless, this feature is great for you to learn who your kids might be talking to. Additionally, you’ll be capable of learning how often your kid engages in different conversations with suspicious people, as well as how much time they usually spend on their smartphone devices.

If there are some mistakes that your kid or kids have been making, you could use the information you gathered for talking with them and indicating to them what they have been doing wrong. But, if you think that someone is posing a serious threat to your kid, you could inform the official services if the situation has advanced to another thing that you and your spouse cannot control by yourselves.

As a parent, you probably realize that it can be quite daunting and complex to bring up your kid from time to time, which is why you might need all the help you could get, no matter if it suggests that you should use such a program for monitoring your kids’ smartphone activity. Besides all the aforementioned features, there are also other ones that you might utilize, all of which will be quite beneficial for you.

For instance, you’ll gain a “Panic Button” and a “Lost Phone” capability with our application. When you use this visible app spy or spy app, you’re basically telling your child that you’re looking out for them, as well as their well-being. With these two features, you could simply press one button on your smartphone and it’ll generate a sound that’ll send out the GPS location to the control panel on the device you opted for using.

You could also use it for tracking and finding a lost phone. Thus, you won’t have to worry about you kid misplacing their smartphones since you could quickly get in touch with them when needed. Now, you should keep in mind, although this feature will send out an alarm in most unpredictable situations, you shouldn’t totally rely on its efficiency. What it basically does is inform you about the activities your kid engages in.

A lot of people do say that using this app is invading the privacy of other people, others wish that they’ve had this app in order to prevent some dangerous situations their loved ones had to go through and overcome. Hence, you could use the GPS tracking feature that the Phone Tracker app offers, and by doing so, you’ll be capable of seeing where your loved ones are in real-time. Additionally, you could opt for manually sending out the location.

You can access this beneficial feature even if you don’t install the app, but, you should know, you won’t be able to monitor other smartphones if you’re not linked to them by having your own profile. Another feature that a lot of users love about our app is that they can entirely customize it, thus, it could send data to you more often. But, if you don’t customize this, you can still use your control panel for seeing the location of your kid at any time and from any place.

The thirty-minute period will basically be connected to when you want to get notifications on your phone or PC. The only thing that you’ll have to ensure is that the GPS location on your loved one’s phone is turned on, and this can easily be done by adjusting the settings on their phone manually. Another feature that we’re planning on implementing in our application is “Geo-Fencing”. What is Geo-Fencing?

Well, it’s relatively easy to understand – Geo-Fencing is a feature that you can use for setting up different zones for your family members. By using this cutting-edge and innovative feature, you’ll be notified if they access or cross into an area that you might consider dangerous. If you opt for using this app, it’ll offer you a way to keep tabs on your kids, especially if they ever find themselves in dangerous situations.

Now, most parents and our company realize that it’s quite important to build trusting relationships with your kids, however, at times, you might have to act behind the curtains in order to protect the people you care most about. On the other hand, by using this feature, it’ll be a perfect way for you to find out if your children spend most of their time in, for instance, school or if they tend to skip class and do something else during that time – especially something inappropriate.

In a way, this program will enable parents to gather hard evidence and face their children who might otherwise lie where they were, to whom they were talking, and how much time they spend on their phones. Of course, this app can easily lead to you having a lot of unpleasant situations and arguments with your children, but nonetheless, it could easily prevent some serious tragedies from happens, and it can also improve the way your loved ones spend their time.

As mentioned, children often don’t realize they’re in dangerous situations or that they’re communicating with dangerous people, thus they’re constantly exposed to a wide range of risks. This is why you must talk with them and make them aware of what dangerous situations there are, what they should spend their time on, as well as what they must avoid. Keep in mind, adult content is quite easy to find and access nowadays, hence, investing in this monitoring app might be best for you.

Although your kid might not access inappropriate websites, they could end up clicking the wrong link and visiting malicious sites that could cause harm to their phones. Additionally, people on the net might not always be whom they claim to be. Once you learn more about them, it’ll be easier for you to set rules that your kids should follow. It’s pretty safe to say that you should always monitor your kid’s online activities with a visible spy app.

By utilizing it, you could always remind your loved ones of the dangers the Internet poses. Ensure that you teach them not to tell anyone their private info such as their number, email, surname, or real address. By teaching them this, you can guarantee that they don’t sign up for websites that require this information. Naturally, we’re aware that you’re a parent and that you sometimes might have to use monitoring methods that aren’t conventional.

Parenting is never an easy task, however, it can be easier if you have a means for monitoring your loved ones from a remote location. This particular app will enable you to precisely know and gather info on your child, especially since you’ll be aware of the activities they engage in by using their smartphones. Luckily, kids do spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, thus, you’ll know exactly what to focus on when you examine all the info the app allows you to see.

Keep in mind, by telling them that you’re using this app, they might be discouraged to access sites that aren’t appropriate for them, but more importantly, they’ll know that there will always be someone looking out for them. Hence, it might be best for you to speak with your child, explain to them why you might want to install this app on their phone, as well as inform them about all the dangers that the Internet poses.


We hope that all the information we mentioned in our article above will help you understand all the benefits our app can provide you with. Besides knowing where your children are at all times, you could also make sure that they aren’t accessing inappropriate websites, that they aren’t communicating with individuals that might be misrepresenting themselves, and more importantly, in the future, you’ll be able to know if they enter a zone that you’ve labeled as dangerous.

Yes, it’s quite important for you to know where your kids are, thus, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, you should talk with your kids in order to inform them that you’re going to start using the app, and once you explain the reasons behind you doing this, you should find our app on the Google Play Store, download & install it, and then start monitoring all the things your child or children are doing over their smartphone and the Internet.