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What to Do if Your Child is the Cyberbully

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What to Do if Your Child is the Cyberbully?

Cyberbullying is a menace in the world of the internet. It can have a deep impact on kids and teens. Cyberbullying can leave lifelong trauma. Children need to be counselled and advised against how to handle being bullied in the digital world. If not addressed, your child can fall into depression and experience a serious lack of confidence. There are also instances of cyberbullying among adults. With the rise of the popularity of the internet, cybercrimes of all forms are increasing and need to be tackled.
While there are various available resources to counsel children who are victims of cyberbullying, what if your children are cyberbullies? While cyberbullying is rampant, the probability of your child being a bully is quite normal too. Here in this article, we will discuss various measures parents can take to help their kids.
Understand That Your Child Is Not Aware
It could come as a shock to parents when they realize that their child is a cyberbully. It is necessary for parents to try to understand that they are young and need help. Parents must not get angry or stressed by it. The cyberbullies do not realize the impact of their bullying. So, they need to be sensitized, rather than deal with anger or use force. Be calm and composed in your response.
Plan out your actions in advance
Before you rush in to speak with your child, it is important to make a plan of how you intend to approach them. It helps to handle the situation in a much more clear and concise way. Therefore, analyze and execute a carefully considered plan.
Have A Clear Objective
Once you approach your cyberbully child, you need to be clear in what you expect to achieve with your intervention. It is important not to lose sight of what you seek to address and curb in your child. It is easy to lose sight of the outcome when there are emotions involved. So always go with a clear objective in mind.
Involve A select Group of People
You may seek help from others when intervening with your cyberbully child. Do not involve people your child may not know. It is always good when you involve people your child already knows. It does not put extra pressure on the child. If you have a family psychiatrist or a close counselor, they would be the ideal people to have alongside.
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