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Should you limit your child’s exposure to coronavirus news


Should you limit your child’s exposure to coronavirus news?

Covid-19’s rampant march across the globe is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the viral infection caused by the novel coronavirus is spreading more rapidly. The virus and the infection have made a mockery out of even the most developed healthcare systems in the world and the staggering number of cases and deaths continue to make the headlines on news channels and websites.
While escaping news related to Covid-19 has become almost impossible, we have to wonder how children are being affected through exposure to so much coronavirus-related information. Should you, as parents, limit how much news your children are exposed to, or should you let them absorb as much information as possible?
Promote awareness-building
Inspite of mass awareness campaigns undertaken by numerous medical and healthcare organizations in the world to inform people regarding the steps to be taken to keep the virus at bay, many are still defiant. On a global scale, hundreds and thousands have refused to conform to social distancing rules and openly flouted them, with many refusing to wear masks as well.
Many political leaders too, have openly shown disregard for the rules and regulations; so much so, that at times, words and acts of their defiance have made their way to the prime-time headlines. Misinformation has also run riot, with false cures being claimed by certain individuals and also being consumed by desperate and panic-prone people hoping to somehow keep the virus at bay.
During such times, parents mustn’t shy away from exposing their children to news about the novel coronavirus. Of course, too much exposure isn’t recommended. But giving children a clearer picture of the chaotic scenes unfolding in the world due to the virus is not necessarily a bad idea, simply because it offers a chance for the kids to become aware.
Teach them what’s real and what’s not
The amount of fake news in circulation during the pandemic has been simply incredible, considering how risky it is to follow unscientific claims of popular influencers instead of acting on the directives handed out by experts in the medical fraternity.
While the misinformation and fake news aren’t going away any time soon, they have offered parents a golden chance to talk to their kids regarding the phenomenon of fake news. Parents can educate kids on how to tell real news from the fake and hopefully, in the future, this knowledge can be passed on by them for the greater good of the world.
So, make every effort possible to make your children aware of what’s going on in the world, because ultimately, it’s better if the truth is known than denial to prevail.