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Your Guide to Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age

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Your Guide to Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age, Without Becoming a Helicopter Parent

As we collectively spend more and more time on the internet, the consumption of digital content has become part of modern lifestyle. Considering how much we rely on our devices and gadgets, it is irrational for parents to completely ban their kids from using phones, tablets, and laptops. Instead, it’s better to allow them to access these in a controlled manner. Here are some tips –

• Talk openly and frequently with them
You need to keep your kids engaged in the real world, and the best way to do this is by talking to them. Work on having a healthy relationship with your kids where they feel comfortable talking to you about anything. The internet can be a dangerous place where kids come across all kinds of content. So, make sure that if they feel uncomfortable or if they have questions, they can always come to you.
• Allow younger kids to use laptops, tablets and phones only in your presence
If your kids are younger than 10, it’s best to allow them to use laptops, tablets, and smartphones only when you are around. Giving unsupervised access to the internet to kids at such a young age can do more harm than good. This way, you can ensure that the sites they visit and the information they come across are safe and age-appropriate.
If there are times when they use these devices alone or with friends, check the browser history to see which sites and pages they visited.
• Use mobile tracking and monitoring apps
Mobile tracking and monitoring apps such as are great for parents who wish to keep a closer look at their kids digitally. The app allows you to see who your kids are conversing with using their phones, download contacts, and keep track of where your kids are at all times. It is a great way to be better connected with your children in the digital world we live in today.
• Have clear rules and consequences in place
Last but not least, always have clear rules and consequences and make sure that your kid is aware of them. Have clear rules on which sites or apps they are allowed to use, if they can download apps without asking you, what kind of information they are allowed to share online, etc. Implementing a system like this teaches your kids what they are and aren’t allowed to do and makes them aware of the consequences that await them if they break the rules.