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Has the World Become Unsafe for Kids Today?


Has the World Become Unsafe for Kids Today?

As parents, we all wish to give our kids the best of everything. We want to put them in the best school, get the best books, gift them the best clothes and gadgets, and give them the best life. But sadly, we also have a utopian picture of the world in our mind. We expect the world to be a bed of roses, but unfortunately, it turns out to be otherwise.

It has never been a rosy world for kids

When it comes to our kids’ safety in today’s fast-paced world, things are slightly questionable. We are often so bogged down with our work and chores that our children fall in our blind spot. Eventually, things can get out of hand. Threats continue to loom over our kids. History has it that children have been at the forefront of many violent attacks. Wars and political turmoil have irreparably scarred many kids globally. Sadly, they continue to do so in many parts of the world.
Let’s take the example of malnutrition. In 2019, about 21.3 per cent (1 in 5 children) below 5 years around the world were seen to have stunted growth. It’s mostly the lack of resources and proper institution that the condition has only worsened over the years.
We shouldn’t also forget the ample cases of child sexual abuse—something that’s more common than we think. Besides, there are cases of school shootings, physical abuse, abductions, and date rape that many young people have experienced. Even though strict measures are taken on governmental levels, the situation continues to be dicey around the globe.

The online world

The threat of war and malnutrition are not the only things that makes the world unsafe for kids. We may think that kids are safer when they are within the protective confines of their homes. But the reality is starkly different. Ever since kids, particularly teenagers, started accessing the internet, there have been cases where kids have got caught in a risky spot.

One classic example of the ills of the online world for children is cyberbullying. About 87 per cent of youngsters have seen cyberbullying taking place in the online space. They have been exposed to inappropriate online content or have been threatened by strangers through electronic media. The issue is pretty rampant around the globe, but thankfully, there are laws that protect the rights of children.
So, it’s still very difficult to answer the question of whether kids today live in a safer world or not. But, as parents, we can only take appropriate measures to keep them safe. It can be through tightening supervision, imposing clearer parental controls, and providing the needed emotional support to our children. We can only hope that things will change and the future is better for our children.