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The Case for Keeping Your Phone GPS Permanently Enabled

The Case for Keeping Your Phone GPS Permanently Enabled
Our society has evolved in a big way. It’s sometimes hard to imagine how long we have come from depending on landlines and telegrams to smartphones, tablets and other sophisticated gadgets. Gone are the days when people had to travel a mile or two to find the nearest telephone booth to make a call. Today, the world has shrunk thanks to the internet-enabled smartphones, which allow us to not only make calls but also send text messages, multimedia files and emails.
One noteworthy feature that today’s smartphones offer is the Global Positioning System or GPS. This global navigation system is known to provide location, time and velocity synchronization. People can access a settings option on their smartphone to either turn it on or off as and when required. But many argue that this is an important feature and should be kept on always, although it drains the battery. Here are possible reasons why they support it:
1. Location tracking
Some may feel that location tracking is a major intrusion into their private space, but in reality, it’s quite useful. Take, for instance, you have a child who uses a smartphone. Given the dangers prevailing in the world outside—from kidnapping to molestation to murders--- you may want to ensure your kid is safe always. This is where GPS becomes handy and useful. There are tracking apps, such as Spy Phone and Phone Tracking, which allows you to keep an eye on your loved ones through the GPS feature.
2. Easy navigation
Besides tracking the location of young smartphone users, adults can make use of the GPS feature to navigate unknown roads. Today’s cities are big and expanding. There are localities that one may have never been to. Following physical city maps isn’t possible always. They even prove quite inconvenient, especially when you are too used to getting everything readymade in your fingertips. With the GPS feature, you can simply open the map application, enter your starting point and destination, and get the direction in no time. This is particularly useful for those who need to keep commuting in and around the city area on work and chores.
3. Fleet management
For companies that provide services through cars—be its cabs, home deliveries, movers and packers—keeping track of each and every vehicle is a big challenge. Different cars would be serving in different areas of the city, and sometimes the entire country. But having a GPS feature enabled always can help these companies to keep a tab on the entire fleet through a centralized system. It can even optimize routes, improve customer service by reducing response times, increase fuel efficiency and prevent motor thefts.
So, it won’t be wrong to say that individuals and organizations can benefit greatly by keeping the phone GPS enabled permanently. In fact, they should resort to GPS tracking solutions to reap the benefits of a transparent, all-connected world.