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5 Compelling Reasons Why Parents Should Research

5 Compelling Reasons Why Parents Should Research the Presence of Sexual Predators In their Neighborhood

The safety of your child is of utmost importance if you’re a parent. Raising children can be stressful because you want to do everything you can to protect them, but there are still limits to how much you can do while raising them to be independent. Sexual predators may be of 3 types:
• Paedophiles
• Preferential child sexual abusers
• Situational child sexual abusers
As a parent, it’s important for you to do some research on sexual predators in your neighbourhood to keep your children safe. Here are 5 reasons why this is important:
People aren’t always who they seem to be
While some sexual predators may come across as downright creepy, screaming for you to stay away from them, others may not. A sexual predator doesn’t have to look out of the ordinary. They may just be your friendly neighbour or that individual you trusted when you needed some help. Several predators may actually come across as respectable people without you ever doubting their integrity. Knowing about sexual predators with thorough research beforehand will keep you informed and allow you to take the necessary action to protect your children.
Sexual predators use various methods
Another reason it’s important to do some research on whether or not your neighbourhood has sexual predators is that they pose a risk to the protection of your kids and can lure them away using a variety of methods. Sexual predators typically indulge in grooming activities to lure children in, and knowledge of their prior crimes can help you prepare yourself and your kids to navigate the neighbourhood more safely.
Children tend to be more trusting
Children may not understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to sexual predators, and they may trust other adults more easily, thinking that all adults will be like their parents. Their level of maturity may make it difficult for them to grasp just how serious a situation with sexual predators can be. Their trusting nature and level of cognitive development make them easier targets for predators.
Your child should be able to freely explore
When you’re in your neighbourhood, you don’t want your child to have such a sheltered upbringing that it affects their sense of independence and hampers their development into adulthood as well. There will be many activities that your child will have to do, like going to school, playing in the park, or just playing with their peer group. Not knowing about sexual predators in your neighbourhood puts your child at risk while performing any of these activities. Sexual predators can also contact your child online and track their behaviours to have full knowledge of their location in an attempt to make contact. Knowing about the existence of sexual predators in your neighbourhood and using our apps to monitor your child’s online interactions can keep them protected.
You need to have peace of mind
Although, as a parent, you’ll never stop worrying about your kids, you need to have peace of mind knowing that they aren’t being preyed upon by sexual predators. Doing the research will not only keep you informed, but it’ll help you prepare your child and stay updated about regulations and policies you can turn to for help.