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How You Can Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators Online

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How You Can Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators Online
It is perhaps creepy, but the internet has easy access to your child. When a child spends considerable time on the net, in chat rooms and social media sites, virtual connections are easy to make. In the guise of well-wishers, sexual predators can easily have their way with children, befriending them and later engaging them in illicit behavior. So, what can you do as a parent? This post will share more on how you can protect your child from sexual predators online.
Online predators typically connect with the kids through chat and messenger apps, social networks, video games and other digital distribution platforms. They befriend them, exchange harmless pictures, assume the role of a bestie and slowly introduce sexual topics in the conversations.
The child may then become the victims of online abuse or blackmails, perhaps coerced to send sexually explicit pictures of himself, or even worse, forced to meet privately with the sexual predator.
It is a tough job for you as a parent to keep an eye on your children. You, as a parent, can set rules and control access to the internet. You can empower your kids by talking to them about online safety. As a parent, you can listen to their concerns, brainstorm with them on unsafe situations and also discuss coping strategies they could use.
You can go a step further and spend time with your child. You can get to know their interests and their online usage, games they like, the social platforms they spend time on, chat services they use and so on.
But if you are a parent, chances are that you will always feel something is missing. You may frequently ask yourself,” Can I do something more?”. The answer is a resounding yes! You can install a mobile tracker that can alleviate half your worries.
Install a mobile tracker
Mobile trackers do their job perfectly. The tracker is installed on the phone and it can track the child’s location, and more importantly, their internet and phone usage.
Free mobile tracker apps like Phone Tracker tracks GPS, contacts and apps installed on the phone. It has basic features like GPS monitoring capability that gives the location of your child. The mobile trackers send GPS data every 30 minutes, so you can rest easy about your child’s whereabouts. You can download contacts to check who your child is conversing with.
The phone calls of the child, his chat messages, internet browsing data- all these will be at the tip of your fingers with the mobile tracker free app like Phone Tracker. Unsupervised chat rooms, anonymous messages, unmonitored chat and game room activity of your child will soon be a thing of the past.
Phone Tracker is compatible with Android and Apple Phones, and installing the free download is super easy. You can install the app on five smart phones. That’s it, you then have 24-hour access to your child’s data from your Phone Tracker account.
Very few digital platforms and companies have detection systems to detect abusive content, and companies aren’t held responsible anyway if the platform is used for child exploitation. So, the onus falls on parents, and as a responsible parent, the best you can do is to install a mobile tracker on your child’s phone for his protection. Empower yourself and your child with phone tracker apps.