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Cultivating Healthy Online Browsing Behaviors in Your Child

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Cultivating Healthy Online Browsing Behaviors in Your Child
Nowadays, when technology and science surround us from all four sides, the exposure we get via the internet is truly overwhelming. The internet, as we know, is a worldwide network of billions of computers, servers and clients. There is nothing that this giant network hasn’t covered. Besides revolutionizing information sharing and communication, it has also opened the doors wide open for research and development. But as the saying goes, there are two sides to a coin.
Even with its positive side soaring high, there are many downsides as well - a fraction of those being online bullying, cybercrime, adult content exposure, etc. Everyone is under its influence. Kids by far are the most affected in this era. As modern life without the internet is beyond practical, one great way to ensure your child’s safety is by cultivating a healthy online browsing behavior. These 5 key points can help cultivate such behavior.
1. Monitor their online activity.
It is necessary to know what type of sites your child is visiting and the content he/she views to protect them from any risky situations. This can be achieved by using a phone tracker or a mobile tracker that keeps track of any online activity. Check out Phone Tracker, which is a mobile tracker free app, to understand how you can safely monitor your child’s safety.
2. They learn from you.
It is a true fact that kids learn from what they see around them. So, if parents themselves browse unnecessarily, then it goes without saying the child would also follow the same path.
3. Lay down the dos and don’ts online.
Make them understand what sites can be accessed and what not. Educate them about online etiquette. This will help ensure a safe experience for your kids as well as other users online. Many sites also offer mobile tracker free of charge.
4. Educate them about adult websites.
It is important that kids know well enough why certain websites are off-limits. As a parent, it is your job to educate them on such sensitive topics without any awkwardness. They may have questions. Do try to answer them all in an age-appropriate manner. Having a child protection app can block such sites.
5. Set strict device use timings.
The internet is an easily addicting thing, especially among kids who are at a tender age of curiosity and mental growth. So, setting time restrictions for mobile or any other device use will help limit screen time and also chances of addiction.