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5 Common Risks Kids Face While Using Snapchat


5 Common Risks Kids Face While Using Snapchat

There is a dark side to everything, from a dog with puppy eyes to an innocent-looking application. One such devil in disguise is the popular application called Snapchat. As much as the application is believed to be the hip and happening platform for communication, it has several flaws that make it one of the worst nightmares for its users, especially kids.

Risks of using Snapchat
Here are some of the risks of Snapchat that will make you think twice before allowing your child to use it!

1. Time-limited photos
The feature offers a false sense of security to its users wherein users believe that their images disappear in just a few seconds. Unlike other social media platforms, the images do not live forever, and hence it is harmless! Did you know that the images can be saved as screenshots? There are other ways to capture and recover images and Snapchat gives a false sense of security to the users. Can you imagine your child's picture in a stranger's device?

2. Remote monitoring
Parental concern over what their child is doing over the internet is not something to frown upon. If, as a parent, you have a software that allows you to remotely see the content of your child's phone online, you won't be able to see what was sent or received on Snapchat as they are automatically deleted.

3. Snap Map
The Snap Map feature of Snapchat allows its users to share their location in real-time with those on their Snapchat friend list. They can also see the location of others on their list and have shared their location. It is a big risk as some on their list may not be their friends.

4. Discover feature
Explicit content is discouraged on Snapchat and their terms of service discourage it as well. But the Discover feature launched in 2015 allows the user to see every content from several channels such as magazines, television, and others, some of which may be inappropriate for children.

5. The internet problem
Snapchat is nothing different from any other social media platform when it comes to the various risks of kids using the internet. Some of the problems with Snapchat include the following.
? Cyberbullying: Snapchat pictures can be captured, edited, and used against the user to make them feel embarrassing. Cyber threats are also a part of Snapchat.
? Predators: It is easy for predators to connect with unsuspecting kids and gain sensitive information such as their address, present whereabouts among others.
? Sexting: It is one of the most common problems of social media platforms and Snapchat is nothing short of it either. Sexting is a part of its dark side.

Snapchat can be entertaining and fun, but only when it is used carefully and appropriately. As parents, you must be vigilant of your children’s actions.