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How Sexual Grooming Gangs Target Vulnerable Children


How Sexual Grooming Gangs Target Vulnerable Children

For all the advantages and entertainment that it offers, the internet can be a pretty dangerous place. Especially for young kids who may not be mature enough to recognize indirect threats and dangers, the risks are especially high.

One horrific crime that the internet facilitates is child sexual abuse. There are many sexual grooming gangs who target young children who are naïve and easily tricked into providing personal information. These people who groom young kids may be complete strangers, people with a fake identity, or even people that kids know in real life.
Simply put, grooming is when a person builds trust and emotional connection and a close relationship with a young child or teenagers so that they can later manipulate, exploit, and abuse them sexually. In extreme cases, children who are victims of sexual grooming can even become victims of sex trafficking and sexual abuse in real life, not just online.
Using mobile tracking apps

Often times, sexual grooming gangs pretend to be someone they are not. Usually, they pretend to be the same age as the child they are targeting so that they can gain their trust more easily.

Groomers often try and isolate their targets from their friends and family so they can have more power over them. They often blackmail them or gaslight them so as to intimidate and control them.

They use the same sites and apps that children and young people use, chatting with them regularly and learning more about them so they can gradually build a relationship with them. This isn’t always a romantic relationship. Sometimes, they could act as a friend, a mentor, or an authority figure, but the objective remains the same – to manipulate, abuse, and exploit their targets.
Since most grooming incidents happen online, it is possible to track activities on your child’s phone using mobile tracking apps such as This app enables you to intervene and take action if you suspect that your child is being groomed. Even if you have no reason to be suspicious, it is still critical that you protect your child online.

This app lets you track your child’s location at all times, keep tabs on which sites and apps they have downloaded on their phones, and also see their contacts and who they are conversing with. All these features help to keep your child safe from the threat of sexual grooming gangs