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Is Your Child Mingling with The Wrong Crowd?


Is Your Child Mingling with The Wrong Crowd?

Here’s How You Can Find Out

They say you are known by the company you keep. The same goes for your child too. As a parent, you would obviously want to make sure that your child is surrounded by good company at school, on the playground, or anywhere else. There’s no denying the fact that good company can help your child rise, while a bad one can completely break him or her.
Not knowing about the crowd your child is mingling with is certainly a dilemma—something that scares you to the core. But you can get over it by observing the following signs:

1. Disciplinary problems in school
If you frequently get called to school because your child is misbehaving with his or her peers or your child remains absent from class, then perhaps he or she is mingling with a wrong crowd. He or she may be mixing with people who have no interest in studies.
2. Nonchalance about home rules
You may have set a curfew time for your child, but he or she completely disregards that. He or she may even go against strict rules that you have laid down. If that happens, perhaps he or she is under a bad influence of a peer.
3. Poor grades in school
Poor grades don’t only reflect your child’s inability to cope with academics. They can also show that your child isn’t studying properly because he or she is constantly being distracted by people who have no interest in education. Their bad company of friends often call, text, or invite others during study time.
4. Mood changes
Is your child acting weird? Is he or she having mood swings very often? Then perhaps he or she has something going on in their mind—something that’s difficult to express. He or she may have even lost interest in pursuing former hobbies and taking up activities that are completely not fit for him or her.
5. Indulgence in risky activities
Bad company of kids often don’t think twice before smoking, drinking or abusing drugs. If you smell smoke or find cigarette packets in his or her school bag, perhaps your child is on the wrong track because of a bad crowd. Worse, he or she may even have troubles with the law because of doing narcotics.
Make sure you keep an eye on these signs to know if your child is mingling with the wrong crowd. If you suspect something, you should always speak to him or her about it. It’s never too late to bring them back on track.